Jeff Starkweather in the News

We’re grateful for all the great press this week in the News & Observer, Chatham News/Record, Sanford Herald, Burlington Times-News and McClatchy News Service:

Starkweather enters N.C. House race (McClatchy News/Sanford Herald/Burlington Times-News 12-23-11)

Jeff Starkweather has held a host of titles in his 40-plus years of living and working in Chatham County — chair of the Chatham County Affordable Housing Advisory Board, publisher of the Chatham County Herald and attorney specializing in civil rights to name a few.

In 2012, he will seek to add state-level representative to his community service resume. During a meeting of the Chatham County Democratic Party Executive Committee this week, Starkweather announced his candidacy for the North Carolina House District 54 seat — representing Chatham and parts of Lee County.

“I think I have a history of speaking out on a variety of issues,” Starkweather said, citing his experience in advocacy and public policy. “People know where I stand.”

Regarding the environment, the candidate said he is adamant about protecting the area’s natural resources.

“Probably the most pressing issue is the whole issue of fracking,” he said, referring to the much-debated method of natural gas extraction. “I have great reservations about the state moving into this area without more study and research.”

When it comes to education, which the candidate named as another of his primary issues, Starkweather said, “We are not where we need to be.”

“The most important asset any community has is the quality of its education,” he said, adding, “we need better educational equality in this state.”

Equality is a refrain that runs throughout Starkweather’s campaign, which he describes as “a chance to work on behalf of a ‘fair deal’ for all citizens, so that we may prosper together despite the global recession.”If elected,” he said in a prepared statement, “I look forward to the opportunity to seek innovative ways to engage the public and private sectors to enhance our economy, our environment and our public education system from pre-school all the way through community colleges and universities.”

“If we do that,” he continued, “we can create a fair and democratic society in which people who put their best foot forward can succeed.”

Newly drawn District 54 draws hopefuls (N & O/ Triangle Politics 12-24-11)

Candidates are lining up for the newly drawn House District seat covering Chatham and part of Lee counties. Democrats Jeffrey Starkweather, a retired attorney and newsman, Deb Mcmanus, a current Chatham County school board member, and Republican Cathy Wright…recently announced their plans to run….

Starkweather serves on the Chatham County Economic Development Corp. board and the Triangle South Workforce Board….[He] co-led a grass-roots political action committee that helped oust the pro-development Chatham County Board of Commissioners chaired by Bunkey Morgan in 2006.

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Starkweather promotes  ‘fair deal’ for all (Chatham Record/News page 1,12-22-11)

After being recruited by local Democratic leaders, elected officials and community advocates, Jeff Starkweather of Pittsboro has decided to seek election to the new open State House seat representing Chatham County and the Sanford area…

Starkweather has lived and worked in Chatham County for 40 years. He is a well known community advocate and retired civil rights attorney and former newspaper publisher. …

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