Vote Tuesday: It’s going to be close

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support, we’re now ready to win the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, Election Day.

But the race is heating up and the vote could be very close.  Your vote could make the difference between victory and defeat.  The outcome will determine whether our community and state continue to move forward, or get stuck in the past.

When we win, it will mean that all of us will have another strong progressive vote in the General Assembly, sorely needed in this challenging political climate.

That’s why I need your vote on Tuesday and I hope you will encourage your friends to vote for me as well.

I’ve spent the last 40 years standing up for our community.  I’m eager to go to Raleigh to keep working for strong schools, good jobs, clean air and water (no fracking!), and for everyone to have an equal chance for  economic prosperity.

I’m also ready to fight against the forces that are trying to turn back the rights of women, minorities and anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

I’m honored to be endorsed by every major organization that has compared the positions and track records of both candidates: The Independent, Sierra Club, State Employees and AFL-CIO. 

The Progressive Democrats of NC, said that I am “THE most progressive candidate in the race.”

Women for Jeff,  40 active local women across the district, say I’m clearly the best candidate on women’s rights and economic issues.

The local teachers group, the Chatham Association of Educators, is recommending me for my “clear knowledge of public education” and “grassroots background and fearlessness.”

And many current and former elected officials across the district say I’m the most qualified, effective and electable candidate.

With this broad base of support, and your vote, we can win on Tuesday and in November.

After the polls close on Tuesday we will gather at The City Tap in downtown Pittsboro to watch the returns, thank our supporters and celebrate what we’ve achieved together.  Please join us there.

Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do it without you. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.  And please share this with your friends and lists. Every vote matters.



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